Open Play Price

The Green Chateau offers best Open Play Packages in Los Angeles, Encino CA.



Per Child
  • $10 per additional sibling
  • Children 9 months and under free
  • You can come back as many time as you desire in that time of your visit.


  • 5 VISITS - $50 (save $10)
  • No expiration date on the packages


  • 10 VISITS - $100 (save $20)
  • No expiration date on the packages

Monthly Membership

  • $70 a month - unlimited open play
  • Additional Sibling: $60
  • $150 for 3 months membership
  • +1 additional child: $70
  • +2 additional children: $90
  • You can come as many times as you desire
  • 10% off on all Birthday Packages
  • 10% off on all merchandise in the Green Chateau Boutique!
  • 10% off on all events and classes at The Green Chateau!
  • Complimentary Coffee
  • We may occasionally close for private events. All members will be notified via email. We will also post it on our website calendar, Instagram, and Facebook.


We value safety – your child’s and yours.  Unlike other indoor playgrounds who use mass-produced structures, The Green Chateau went the opposite direction.  Our structures are all custom-made, custom-built, and custom-inspected — ALL IN THE USA.  We care as much about your child’s wellbeing as we do our own children (whom you might run into here!).


The Green Chateau prides itself on its cleanliness! In an effort to ensure a spotless and disinfected indoor playground we have provided convenient kid-friendly bathrooms and hand sanitizers throughout the playground. Every day, we disinfect our floors and the balls with a commercial ball washing machine – and we continuously and thoroughly clean the playground to disinfect all surfaces and toys. We have our kids here all the time…we want it to be as germ-free as possible for our kids as well as yours! Lastly, unlike other playgrounds, we are very strict and fully enforce our “no sick kids” policy.


The Green Chateau is not your average indoor playground.  We have ladders and slides.  But we also traveled the world and worked with leading artists to create a stunning, engaging playful and educational environment – one that stimulates the child physically and intellectually through hand-selected sensory games and activities.  At The Green Chateau, your child experiences all of it — no exceptions!

All play areas will have a visually open design with comfortable rest areas in full view of the play structures. The Green Chateau is also equipped with a smaller area of interactive games designed to promote eye and hand coordination.

Hungry for more? We have you covered. Our signature cafe provides lattes, green juices and hand-selected organic desserts and snacks that may have you meeting your girlfriends here for lunch, even without the kids! And while you’re all out, don’t forget to shop at our exquisitely curated gift shop – filled with wonders and thoughtful presents for all budgets and ages!

Speaking of presents, have we mentioned that you can throw some wicked parties in here?! Whether it’s a pirate-themed celebration for your rugrat or an elegant affair for your young ballerina, we provide a range of exciting options and within every budget. You can pick between a fully catered affair or an a la carte event, and everything in between. Whichever one it is – we will work with you painstakingly to create the event of every child’s (and parent’s) dreams!


  • Chips of any kind, popcorn, candy, chocolates and ice cream (including ice cream cake) are not allowed.
  • Shoes are NOT allowed inside the playground. Socks are required at all times for adults and children. If needed, socks can be purchased at our store for $2 a pair.
  • Toys are NOT allowed in any of the play structures, including but not limited to the bouncer, ball pit, slides, swings, and mushroom play structure.
  • Only Children 2 and under are allowed in the soft toy area.
  • If you wish to have pizza at The Green Chateau, it must be ordered through The Green Chateau only.
  • Outside food is allowed subject to The Green Chateau’s approval.
  • There will be a one time $50 service fee for use of outside vendors.
  • The Green Chateau is not liable for any injuries sustained or items lost or left behind on its premises during or after a party.